Saturday, April 5, 2014

Psycho on the Road: Bodega Bay, CA

The only way I can justify the point to which I am overeating is by blogging about it.  That gives the illusion of there being a higher purpose to all this excessive intake of food and drink.  Last night, we stayed in Bodega Bay, which was a quiet little bayside town, where Hitchcock filmed “The Birds.”  It rained all night, which allowed for the best night’s sleep that I’ve had since being on the road.  In the morning, I had lots of blogging to catch up on, and I wandered down the street into a little coffee shop, providing me with interesting local chitchat to eavesdrop upon as I posted about Nepenthe in Big Sur.  It was clear that everyone in that coffee shop knew each other and the minute ins and outs of their individual lives.  In fact, I shared a table with one woman, named Tommi.  She was so excited to have some fresh blood to sink her teeth into that she opened our conversation with, “oh, look we have the same phone!”  We both happened to have iPhones, along with half of America, but apparently in Bodega Bay this is a conversation starter.  She was a kind woman, who then proceeded to ask my all about my computer, as she is currently in the market, and took notes about what I told her as if I was some sort of a tech expert.
After we checked out of our little inn, we drove down the street, and sat facing the water, in the Sand Piper Café, where we had a shockingly good breakfast.  I was a little nervous about our the restaurant at first; I ordered a cappuccino with skim milk, and Morgan, our server, responded, “Is nonfat milk okay?”  Despite this shaky start, I was thrilled to receive a multi-layered cappuccino, that was not only beautiful, but delicious.  The milk was perfectly frothed, and the organic espresso didn’t harbor even the slightest bitter bite, which is so common in espresso drinks. 

Jean and I were both thrilled by our breakfasts, Huevos Rancheros.  In oversized bowls, we received layers of corn tortillas, mozzarella cheese, and pinto beans.  This was then topped with two perfectly poached eggs, salsa, a small dollop of sour cream, and a touch more shredded cheese.  The mildness of the mozzarella complimented the dish well, and the aesthetic of the white cheese also had a nice effect.  The beans were perfectly creamy, and the whole thing was even garnished with a couple of scallions for color.  Lovely breakfast, lovely scenery. 


  1. oh my god ronnie - get out the car!

  2. Wow... that coffee looks amaz-balls!! Where is this Bodega that you speak of?